About us

Beau is one of the few speakers to have given two TED talks, which have amassed over 5 million views combined. He has also spoken at Google’s Zeitgest Minds, Wired, G8 and made significant programme contributions to BBC's Horizon, National Geographic Channel and PBS in the US.

If you truly want to understand why there's nothing creative about creativity, why change is hard, why there's no inherent value in any piece of information … if of itself, what (branding) narratives the brain needs to create a relationship – and why the narratives a different for maintaining a relationship … and if you want to do it while experiencing first-hand how your perception of the world is not what you thought it'd be … then you'll discover why with Beau. Beau’s style is entertaining and informative; he explains WHY and not just HOW (which enables the audience to apply and generalise his perceptual framework to their own lives). He is interactive and gathers live data throughout his presentation – methods that enable audiences to actively embody the information explored.

Speaking topics:

• Innovation
• Change
• Leadership
• Risk/Uncertainty
• Branding
• Perception
• Data
• Education/New Culture of Learning