Passing Through


Passing through

Translating light into sound so that people hear their visual world is a wonderful way to experience the process of the brain actually learning to make sense of the world. As part of Passing Through – an exhibition at the James Talyor Gallery in London, Lab of Misfits in collaboration with Stephen Gage of the Bartlett created ‘Hearing Colour’. Onto one of the two large canvasses, dynamic images of colour made using Lab of Misfits' EvoCrit programme were projected. On the other canvass people attending the exhibition could graffiti with spray cans of paint. Both images were continuously scanned by cameras mounted on two adjacent black podiums. The images were then fed into ‘Synaesthetic’, which translated the temporal and spatial patterns of colour into sound. Visitors to the exhibition could select the light-to-sound mappings, as well as the instrumentation to explore a more intuitive relationship between what we hear and what we see.

Collaborators: Sam Walker, Ilias Bergstrom, Stephen Gage and R. Beau Lotto.




Visuals from the exhibition

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