Ashmolean Exhibition


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On the 30th January, the Ashmolean Museum threw open its doors at night for a 'Heaven and Hell' edition of its LiveFriday series, in celebration of its William Blake: Apprentice and Master exhibition. The galleries were filled with free live music, performances, workshops, and tours designed to relive the life and work of William Blake. The event was hugely popular, with 5,000 visitors attending over the course of the evening. Lab of Misfits contributed a series of interactive illusions, in an exploration of Blake's fascination with 'the doors of perception'.

William Blake is fundamental to our thinking about how we see things and how they can be looked at from a different perspective. To this day his ideas remain contemporary and relevant, making it a pleasure to have been requested to take part in the Ashmolean's exhibition of Blake's works. Our role was to show people the nature of illusion and how seeing differently begins with doubt.