Fugitive moments – a digital installation

The colours and patterns we see in images have a tremendous impact on us emotionally – though why this is true remains largely unknown. This installation uses a specially designed computer programme to display abstract patterns of motion and colour that evolve according to the unconscious physiological state of the viewer. In doing so, the aim of the installation is to blur the seemingly rigid boundary between the mind and the environment and show a representation of the viewer’s interaction with the imagery.

The result of a two-year collaboration between Professor Sarah Rubidge, a dance/installation artist, and Beau Lotto, ‘Fugitive Moments’ was shown at the Otter Gallery, University of Chichester, in November and December 2006.

For more information on the exhibition, visit www.sensedigital.co.uk here




Visuals from installation

Click on image for slideshow.

Click on image for slideshow.

EvoCrit software

The EvoCrit software developed for this installation was coded by Erwan Le Martelot and can be downloaded here, enabling users to create their own stunning, emergent imagery.

Using the EvoCrit programme, it is possible to draw a ‘critter’, an interconnected, spring-like system that evolves in a world set up by the user. The application is built with embedded documentation to help the user use the programme.

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