Lab of Misfits and Goves trio


Context is everything when it comes to making sense of the world. The Lab of Misfits and Goves trio explores the effects of context in our perceptions of music.

The trio is made up of the same piece of music experienced in three different soundscapes: (I) as a live performance within the Science Museum, with the accompaniment of the Soundwall,(II) through directional speakers focused on the wall, creating a sonic space of reflected sound, and (III) via ‘closed’ headphones, which offer the most intimate of the three experiences.

The music, 'for Jess and Anna (2)', is a work for female voice, bass flute and cello composed by Larry Goves. It is one of a large cycle of pieces that explores certain features of chamber music and chamber music performance and, although some in the cycle are more elaborate, all of them feature some simple looped melody, often in unison.

The music itself was recorded using binaural microphones ,see Real Sound,in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and is mixed with the sounds from various places around London, creating different electronic and acoustic landscapes. What’s truly amazing is how strong the contextual effect is on one’s perception of the same piece of music.

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Larry Goves teaches composition at the Royal Northern College of Music and for the National Youth Orchestra and is composer in residence at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has written for the London Sinfonietta, the Nash Ensemble, the LSO, the BBC Philharmonic, Psappha, Ixion, The Hallé, Sarah Nicolls, 175 East, The Continuum Ensemble and many others all over the UK and abroad. He also performs live electronics in a variety of contexts including as a soloist and with his own group the house of bedlam

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Lab of Misfits and Goves Trio


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