Our i,maker programme is open to everyone, of all ages.

The aim of this new and developing public programme is to explore perception in relation to the embodied process of making – be it making fashion, music, machines, etc. Physical interaction is the route via which the brain makes sense of the world and oneself in that world. Making, then, is the deeply intuitive process by which we create what we see, hear, feel and touch.

The programme is run in our lab, in collaboration with other institutions, including the Metropolitan Police, the Serpentine Gallery and London Sinfonietta as well as other science, arts and theatre organizations.

The aim of the i,maker programme is to invite the public into the lab, then invite them to ‘grab a wrench and build’ under the direct supervision of our mentors – specific individuals from the public, from all walks of life, who have a passion for what is being made, who themselves are supported by expert makers. The aim is to explore and transform the perception of these mentors by supporting them to support the development of others.

A critical aspect of this project is its sustainability, as the best makers will become part of an apprenticeship scheme operated in collaboration with participating organizations – including the Science Museum. Funding for the scheme will be achieved through sales of the made items.

Like all our projects, i,maker is also a research programme, and so we expect to create as many questions as we do answers about how to transform lives through science engagement.

This programme offers the opportunity for touring nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in taking part in our i,maker programme, please contact Beau Lotto

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