Lab of Misfits and Miranda String Octet


Lab of Misfits presents a new work created in collaboration with Brazilian composer Eduardo R. Miranda, and performed by the Heritage Orchestra, as part of the Science Museum Lates event in July 2011.

Eduardo R. Mirandais a composer and computer music expert, working at the crossroads of music and science. He is also director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research with Plymouth University. His music is informed and inspired by his research into Artificial Intelligence in significant ways.

Miranda’s new composition, Waggle Dance, is written for a string octet. During the performance, the live sounds of the strings are relayed to a soundwall of 77 speakers, developed by Lab of Misfits. The buzzing sounds of the strings are electronically manipulated live and dance on the wall like bees in search of pollen.

Waggle Dance was composed with support from Plymouth University and the technical assistance of Joachim Fritsch of University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris.

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Miranda String Octet