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Music from colour

Stemming from its research into sensory-substitution and sensory-augmentation, research that focuses on tools for the blind to 'see' and 'feel' with their ears, and the basic principles by which the perceptual mind creates sensory narratives, Lab of Misfits is using its Synaesthetic software (coded by Ilias Bergstrom of Lab of Misfits) to enable users to create and control an orchestras with colour.

Images (or films) are continuously scanned by a horizontal bar made up of multiple squares. Each square along the bar represents a user defined instrument distributed in stereophonic space. The note played by each instrument at any point in time represents the colour of the image/film at the square's current location. The 'mapping' between notes and colour is also predefined by the user. This system has been used in many venues including the Tate Modern, and will soon become a permanent installation in the cloisters of UCL, where users can hear the colours they see and feel.

Synaesthetic workshops

Science is nothing more than game playing, a natural process of learning by trial and error. In this sense good science (and art) is like all useful endeavours that foster, encourage and support creativity and discovery. In this vain we have created a series of workshops that enable groups of children and/or adults to create visual images using their ears, or conversely to create music from colour, which we call 'colour scores'. A few examples of such colour scores are provided here. The basis of our workshops is the patterns we see and hear and the possibility to create a never previously experienced relationship between them.



Further information

If you would like information about these workshops and/or to schedule a workshop for your school, department, company or simply for yourself, please contact Beau Lotto

The Synaesthetic system, complete with software, computer, ten-digit multi-touch pad and professional sampling library is also available for purchase.