Point of perception


A description

The premise of all Lab of Misfits' perception research is that the patterns of light that fall onto the eye are meaningless because all retinal images could literally mean anything. Uncertainty of information is so profound that resolving uncertainty is what the brain evolved to do. Indeed, it’s so essential that uncertainty is itself the source of most anxiety in our individual lives, and escaping it is the source of most behaviour and feeling.

Physically, the Point of Perception installation consists of a mirrored box measuring 2m x 1.2m x 2m. Within the box are hundreds of wires onto which are projected dynamic patterns of light, resulting in an illuminated wire sculpture. The sculpture has been designed in such a way that the resulting geometry could have many different possible realities, none of which are immediately obvious.

By placing people in a position of uncertainty, between the known and the unknown, we aim to investigate the exact point at which there is sufficient visual information for the brain to comprehend what it is looking at. But in addition, the structure – as with all of Lab of Misfits' public projects – places people in the unique context of ‘seeing themselves see’, of being observers of the process by which they literally make sense of themselves and the world.




Visuals from the exhibition


Point of Perception was first exhibited publicly in “The Brain Unravelled’, a group exhibition at The Slade Research Centre, London, in September 2009. It has also been shown at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, May 2010, and the Kinetica Art Fair, February 2011.

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Images by: Sylvain Deleu

Movie of the exhibition