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Lab of Misfits have successfully piloted a potential new model for scientific research and science communication, with The Experiment - an immersive neuroscience research experience that took place in a Victorian dungeon in Clerkenwell, London on 24th November.

The event sold out - with people responding to an invitation to step into uncertainty and explore the process of seeing themselves see. Lab of Misfits will be analysing data recorded at The Experiment over the next few months.

Questions include:

Measures of meta cognition - how aware our participants are of their own behaviours - correlated to observed behaviours and responses on the night.

Power manipulation - do groups self organise according to power state?

Choice blindness - do our brains rationalise choices we did not make?

Group action - how do we behave and synchronise as groups?

Truth and lie - are we as good at detecting lies as we think we are? And does our success at lie detection affect our judgement of risk?

Creativity and uncertainty - how do we respond to being in a state of uncertainty, and a requirement to be creative?

Dance and synchronicity - do differently primed groups synchronise differently in dance?

We will be publishing our findings online, with open data access.

"The Experiment will be funded by people, for people, offering a unique experience with real scientific value. Everyone can be a funder and a researcher, not just a participant. We hope to expand on it in the coming years to develop even bigger and better Experiments."

Dr Beau Lotto


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