The Lab of Misfits initiates its own programs and business that derive from issues we are passionate about. Like all of our work, these are structured as Experiential Experiments.

These programs offer partnership and sponsorship opportunities for brands that share an interest in the particular issue we are exploring.

Lab of Misfits AR

AR is an LLC created by the Lab of Misfits, which develops apps based on our IP in Augmented Reality.

We combine neuroscience and technology to create products that foster human interaction at the boundary between the digital and physical worlds.

Through these platforms we create opportunities for brands to engage with customers.

Lab of Misfits AR
Case study


Beta testing of Acoustigram shows that when people discover content in the app, they rate that content as 20% more enjoyable than exactly the same content received through conventional messaging apps.

  • And they’re willing to pay 20% more for it.
  • They also felt significantly 'closer' (more loyal) to the person / organisation leaving the content.

Lab of Misfits Hummingbird

Can we change the way humans think about science? Could a new approach to science education allow kids to contribute to real scientific discoveries?

The Lab of Misfits worked with 8-10 year olds conducting new scientific research on bumblebees. Children were studied as they followed the scientific process, exploring the idea that science is a way of being that shares the same behavioural principles as play.

Case study


The process has been shared by educators internationally, from national curriculums in South Africa to educational workshops within Apple, and is currently being applied to help the well-being of children from deprived backgrounds in Chile.

  • Our program resulted in iScientist kids becoming the world's youngest published scientists. Their white paper was downloaded 30,000 times in the first 2 days alone.
  • The story was featured in The Times, The Guardian, The New Scientist, and the world's foremost science journal, Nature.
  • One child became the youngest ever TED speaker at 12 years old garnering over  1m views.
  • Became more open and pro-social to others
  • Reduced their need for control
  • TED