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Future of StoryTelling
Beau Lotto – Understanding Perception: How We Experience the Meaning We Create
Beau Lotto's research into perception has shown that we don't see the real world—just our version of it. It's a version we've evolved to perceive, where shadows, shapes, and even how we understand time are meanings we ascribe to what we're seeing.
Musical Spaces
Triptych 2014
Exploring the relationships between sound and movement synchronisation. Project creating in collaboration with the brilliant cellist Ollie Coats from the London Syn and the wonderful Larry Goves - who created this original composition.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Beau Lotto - Deviate | Talks at Google
World-renowned neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and two-time TED speaker Beau Lotto draws on over two decades of research to reveal startling truths about the brain and how it perceives the world.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Beau Lotto - Vision, London Business Forum
How to see things differently.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Beau Lotto at TED, 2012
In this talk, Beau Lotto, accompanied by 12-year-old Amy O'Toole, presents the idea that science is a way of being and asks the question 'can anyone become a scientist?'. More info here

Talks by Beau Lotto
Beau Lotto at TED, 2009
Entitled 'Optical illusions show how we see', Beau Lotto's TED talk is a fun, first-hand look at how evolution tints our perception of what's really out there.

Talks by Beau Lotto
G8 2013
When the G8 came to London in 2013, No. 10 asked Beau to present at their meeting on Innovation. The question was … what will be the next greatest innovation? The suggestion given was that it wasn't going to be a technology … but something else far more fundamental.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Google Zeitgeist 2013
Isabel Behncke and Beau Lotto gave a joint presentation on what is required to be creative.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Wired 2013
In 2013 Beau gave an invited presentation are Wired's annual meeting. The focus was on the relationship between technology and innovation.

Talks by Beau Lotto
One of London's leading design agencies asked Beau 'What is Creativity?". This is his answer.

Talks by Beau Lotto
5x15 London 2013
This is a exclusive event in London where people gather to discuss what it is to be human. Here Beau talks about the role of perception.

Talks by Beau Lotto
Beau Lotto at the RSA, 2009
In 'Seeing myself see', Beau Lotto explains how context is essential to how we see, and includes a practical demonstration as to why the sky is blue.

The Lates
Lates 2011
This film demonstrates Lab of Misfits' unique brand of entertainment at the Science Museum Lates, with its mix of live music, public perception experiments and illusions. More info here

The Lates
Lab of Misfits and Goves trio, 2011
A live performance at the Science Museum Lates in which the same piece of music, composed by Larry Goves, is heard in three different ways. More info here

The Lates
Lab of Misfits and Miranda string octet, 2011
A live performance of a piece composed by Eduardo Miranda, transmitted via our Soundwall at the Science Museum Lates. More info here

Blackawton Bees
This Royal Society podcast, in two parts, gives the background to its bold publication of the eponymous paper written by a group of schoolchildren mentored by Beau Lotto. More info here

Blackawton Bees part 2

This film, in three parts, follows a group of schoolchildren participating in Lab of Misfits' i,scientist education programme in 2010. More info here

i,scientist part 2

i,scientist part 3

The spinning disc
This video, originating from BBC2's Horizon programme 'Is seeing believing?', shows Beau Lotto demonstating the spinning disc illusion.

Seeing Instruments
Beau Lotto describes the instruments at an exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin in 2010 and visitors interact with them. More info here

Point of Perception 1
This short film shows the illluminating effect of this wire sculpture, a collaboration between Beau Lotto, Madi Boyd and Mark Lythgoe. More info here

Point of Perception 2
Artist Madi Boyd discusses the ideas behind Point of Perception and its exploration of the ambiguity in our perceptions.

Seeing Myself See, 2010
A video recording Lab of Misfits' largest ever exhibition, staged at the Wellcome Foundation in London in 2010.

Lightwave, 2008
Highlights from the Lightwave Exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin, 2008, featuring the bee matrix and a demonstration by Beau Lotto. More info here