Why LoM Exists

Our goal is to foster adaptability, creativity and compassion, which are essential for thriving in an increasingly uncertain world.

Expanded perception is the solution to today's rampant uncertainty. Our unique process that unites the insights of neuroscience with immersive design allows us to discover basic human truths behind everyday actions. Through our experiential experiments, we explore the values, perceptions and purposes that determine how and why humans do what they do. By enabling insights that are emotional and actionable, we build stronger relationships and improved brand affinity.

Human Truths

Reflexes are cheap. Thinking is expensive. To see differently requires hard work. So how can we expand the way we see or how others see us? By uncovering the science behind our perceptions.


Understand how your audience perceives the world around them and takes genuine ownership of their most essential values.


Our data creates a foundation to establish a purpose that drives both you and your audience.


An authentic purpose enables innovative ways to promote enduing loyalty long into the future.


Our immersive, scientific approach creates the potential for compassion, adaptability and creativity.

For Business

Deepening the connection to your audience is essential for the success of your brand. Our scientific-based consultancy has helped leading global brands like Cirque du Soleil and L'Oreal discover, explore and own the human truths that are most important to their audience. And we can do the same for you.