MEet the Misfits

We are the world's only neuroscience-focused creative studio. Our collective of leading scientists, artists, designers and producers as well as experts in social media and communications believe that invention and adaptation are only possible through expanded perception. Learn more about team and how our expertise can help people, brands and organizations understand fundamental human insights.


Beau Lotto

Founder & Director

…is a neuroscientist and world-renowned expert in perception. His research explores the ways in which we experience the world through our own versions of reality.

Beau is a three-time main stage TED speaker. He has spoken at the G8Google’s ZeitgestWired, Oslo Freedom Forum, Big Think and contributed to the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix and PBS.


Luna M Cardilli


…is a visual designer turned creative director working with various media. Proudly an immigrant, LGBTQ+ woman entrepreneur.

Misfit for life.


Rich Clarke

Science Director a perceptual neuroscientist with a background in Physics and AI.


Dave Strudwick

Education Director former school leader and founder. His passion is for enabling young people and adults to create possibility as they navigate uncertainty. His schools have used projects connecting making, community and sustainability to have a social impact. He’s worked as a teacher and leader in mainstream and specialist settings in Europe, US, and China. Dave is a published author with experience in leadership, learning spaces, pedagogy, curriculum design and well-being.


Josh Knowles

Head of Development

…is a software developer with decades of experience building great and innovative experiences for users. A true creative technologist, he came into technology via the fine arts world and has a master’s from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Why did you get up this morning?

to build more amazing things!


Clementine Seely


…is a finder of exceptional stories, producer and project manager.
She is the Production Director of Old Sound Room and has worked with Google, Refinery29, Philip Lim, Creative Time, Crocs, Vera Bradley, Athleta, Lanvin, CFDA and Cointreau.


Pamela Gonzalez

Designer a natural leap-of-faith-taker, cross-sensory designer, philosopher and entrepreneur. Pamela utilizes different mediums to explore qualia and perception, subjectivity and identity, consciousness and metacognition, creating aesthetic experiences at the intersection of spirituality, mysticism and science.

Why did you get up this morning?

To feel triggered and inspired by life itself, build momentum and create!


Larissa Gaul

Social Media Manager a previous research scientist, turned event planner, turned fashion buyer, turned freelancer with an eye for design and a keen awareness of branding and social platforms. When her nose isn't stuck in her phone, you can find her teaching yoga classes both in person and online.

Why did you get up this morning?

Because my Great Dane, Gustav, woke me up to go outside!


Krista Lotto

Head of Finance a money master bringing forth equalization, stabilization and enrichment.

Why did you wake up this morning?

Waking up to a planned, brand new day is a blessing and totally joyous as I get to send out beauty, kindness and love to all I meet.


Mary Sanchez

Neuroscience Researcher

.... examines Cognition and Perception in development and adulthood.
With a passion for cruising brain waves using Electroencephalograms (EEG), Mary is an alchemist of various liquors and beverages in sunny Las Vegas.

For Business

Deepening the connection to your audience is essential for the success of your brand. Our scientific-based consultancy has helped leading global brands like Cirque du Soleil and L'Oreal discover, explore and own the human truths that are most important to their audience. And we can do the same for you.