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Bringing Perceptual Neuroscience to brands and organisations

The Lab of Misfits is the world’s only perceptual neuroscience creative studio that quantifiably deepens the connection between brands and their audiences through our unique process of neuroscience in the wild.

What We Deliver

Every brand wants to be essential in the minds of their audience. And yet fewer than 3% of brands are perceived as having a positive impact on people’s lives and well-being (The Guardian). Those that succeed outperform their competitors in awareness, grow twice as fast, and consumers feel 77% more emotionally connected, 70% more proud to be associated with and 67% more willing to forgive a brand who is purpose-driven. In a highly competitive and uncertain landscape, audience (and employee) loyalty is the difference between success and failure. But how can you discover and demonstrate your true value to your audience given that their brain is highly tuned to detecting inauthenticity?
By DISCOVERING, MEASURING and SHARING the positive impact you have on their perception and behaviour in their real life.

And this is what the Lab of Misfits does.

The Lab of Misfits turns your purpose, products and services into immersive experiments that create neuroscientific insights that are actionable, emotional and shareable. By understanding and sharing how you add real value to the lives of your audience, the Lab of Misfit validates and innovates your products and services, deepens the connection between you and your audience, and fosters a more authentic brand culture.
Otherwise your purpose is just a slogan.

A case in point

Cirque Du Soleil

cirque du soleil

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Lab of Misfits partnered with Cirque du Soleil to uncover the truth behind awe, one of the most powerful human perceptions.


Our partnership with Cirque du Soleil garnered top tier earned media coverage on ABC’s Nightline, Fast Company, Forbes and Vox, gaining more than 100M impressions.


The increase in online conversions around the Cirque du Soleil since the campaign's launch.


The MainStage TED Talk at our neuroscience experiment has earned 425,000 views and counting.


A deeper understanding of the sensation of awe, which can be applied to future experiments and designs.

Our team

Meet our CEO


Beau Lotto, Founder & Director

…is a neuroscientist and world-renowned expert in perception. His research explores the ways in which we experience the world through our own versions of reality.
Beau is a three-time main stage TED speaker. He has spoken at the G8, Google’s Zeitgest, Wired, Oslo Freedom Forum, Big Think and contributed to the BBC, National Geographic, and PBS.
Beau and the Lab of Misfits have shown that expanding perception is the solution to today's rampant uncertainty. Our trademark Experiential Experiments explore the values, perceptions and purposes that determine how and why humans do what they do. By enabling insights that are emotional and actionable, we help you to build stronger relationships and improved your brand affinity. Reach out …

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